The Company

Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited was incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company for the provision of efficient and professional logistics services in Customs clearing and forwarding, haulage, bounded warehousing.We are founded in the principle of trust, loyalty, honesty and accuracy.

Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited is a licensed Customs clearing and forwarding agent and therefore a member of ANCLA, we have versed experience in Nigeria and Oversea market.

Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited appreciates the importance of time in offering excellent and professional services to our clients.

Our company works with the stringent specification. It is our policy not to compromise quality of service as well as to promote a culture of team work in our day-to-day activities


At Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited, we strongely believe in offering excellent professional logistics services to our various clients. Our aim and objective is to provide services and information in a prompt, courteous and professional manner to our numerous clients.

Our People

At Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited, we believe in our people. With a team of over 30 well experienced people, we are committed to providing flexible, tailor-made offering that will delight our customers.

We have number of human resource programs coupled by our spirit of winning in place dedicated to keep our staff motivated and provide you with excellent customer service at all time.


Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited has a very strong financial base, with 70% local and 30% foreign equity participation.

Apart from our area of core competence, we are also able to support our clients financially whenever the need arise


We place premium value on maintaining and enhancing quality throughout the organization. To achieve this, we sustain a continuous cycle of improving processes, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency in daily operations. Our optimally implemented quality management system ensures consistency in our service standard. We evaluate these standards frequently and use technological and process innovations for their improvement