All imports goods into Nigeria are prohibited from export without Temporary Import Permit (TIP) and acquiring a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) in order to re-export vessels, oil rigs, aircraft or other equipments can be a complicated and time-consuming process.
Temporary Importation is currently only approved for the following categories:
1. Aircraft
2. Ships / Vessels & Boats
3. Barges / Pontoons, Tugs for Oil Exploration or Approved Projects
4. Dredgers on hire for soil erosion projects or oil drilling operations etc.
5. Oil Rigs & Accessories
6. Super Cranes used for Petrochemical Construction or Oil Exploration related work.

Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited dedicated team will take you through the documentation and process of Temporary Importation Permits (TIP) effectively and efficiently in line with extant regulations.

Shipment of goods under temporary importation should not be effected unless approval has been obtained. Please contact Ideal Royal Crown Logistics Limited For more information and updates on this service or send an e-mail to